Kamoa® M5 Series

TOP: 100% ALL Solid Wood Mahogany Sound Boards

BACK: 100% ALL Solid Wood Mahogany Neck Back and Sides

New for 2017! The Kamoa M5 Series all solid Mahogany Body provides a full clear projection that even rivals our Spruce tops!.  The Mahogany is slightly harder wood but offers an ultra, light-weight feel giving the M5 a well-deserved place in the Kamoa family of products.

Cases Available for All Sizes

Kamoa® M5-S - SopranoKamoa® M5-S - Soprano$399.99 Kamoa® M5-P - Pineapple SopranoKamoa® M5-P - Pineapple Soprano$399.99 Kamoa® M5-C - ConcertKamoa® M5-C - Concert$469.99 Kamoa® M5-GC - Grand ConcertKamoa® M5-GC - Grand Concert$469.99
Kamoa® M5-T - TenorKamoa® M5-T - Tenor$499.99